The Dirt - May 2018


We've got a lot happening in May at Wildflower Farm. Perennials, shrubs, and annual flowers begin arriving this month, and we look forward to seeing you as you come in for all of the planting supplies, seeds, and tools you need to get your gardens growing. We also have many houseplants and great Mother's Day gifts here at our farmhouse and garden center in Edwards.

We're now open 7 days a week, so come on by for advice, inspiration, and everything you need to turn your gardening and landscaping dreams into a reality this summer.

All the best,

The Colorado Alpines & Wildflower Farm Team


May is the time to begin ongoing landscape maintenance. Our landscaping services include estate landscape care in a variety of areas, including:

  • Planting bed maintenance and care

  • Drought management and drought-proofing services

  • Lawn fertilization and maintenance

  • Preventative tree spraying

  • Installation of landscape fire-resistance solutions

  • Irrigation set-up and turn-on

  • Landscape design and build

Call us today to schedule summer services: (970) 926-5504.


Drought management and water conservation are among landscaping issues to address this summer. Top-dressing lawns and beds is one way to help conserve water. This practice involves adding a top layer of organic matter to planting beds and other areas of landscapes to help aid in moisture retention.

Many of our landscaping services, in addition to top-dressing, can help with water retention, water efficiency, and water-wise landscape design. Landscape bed composting and mulching as well as root-boosting compost tea applications are a few ways that we can help you conserve water. Give us a call with questions or to schedule these water-saving landscaping services, and others, for your home: (970) 926-5504.


This Sunday, May 13, is Mother's Day, and we know that plants make great gifts! If you've got a mom on your list who loves plants, we've got many great options here at Wildflower Farm. Inside of our farmhouse, we've got a nice selection of gift-appropriate plants and planters, including succulents, cacti, and other greenery to liven up any home or office space. You'll also find gift cards, home décor, and other gift ideas here while you're in the store.

Come by to explore, too, as exciting new live plant arrivals are beginning to show up outside including shrubs, perennials, and annual flowers.


This month, we begin receiving regular shipments of area-appropriate shrubs, perennial plants, and annual flowers. Stop by to explore and watch our garden collection grow! The bulk of our annual flowers normally arrive later in May and throughout June. Come over to the Wildflower Farm in Edwards to get a color burst, and get ready for the full rainbow of bright blooming annuals on the way.


Need to get the water flowing to your landscapes and gardens? Our landscaping services include irrigation installation and turn-on. We're out in local landscapes now getting irrigation systems set up, turned on, and optimized to make the best use of water resources.

If you do not already have irrigation systems in place and have this project on your to-do list, now is the time to contact us for irrigation services so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your gardens and landscapes this summer.


We're now scheduling summer custom planting services, which include filling planters, pots, and window boxes with fresh annual flowers that burst with color. We'll work with you to find a combination of flower types and colors to suit your needs. Our creations can be seen around Vail at homes and commercial spaces. Please call us to schedule custom services now, as annual flowers arrive this month, and we're already planting: (970) 926-5504.


Beginning Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13, we'll be open 7 days a week for your summer gardening and landscaping needs!

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30p.m.; Sunday, 11 a. - 5:00 p.m.


Yes: garden seeds, grow trays, bagged planting soil, and garden supplies are here at Wildflower Farm. Come in now for vegetable seeds, culinary herb seeds, annual flower seeds, and wildflower seeds, too.

The growing season is short in the Vail area, and it's possible to optimize the season by starting seeds indoors for some vegetable and herb plants that can be transplanted into an outdoor garden space after the last anticipated frost. Individual seed packages include instructions for plants that will have the best success of indoor seeding, as not all vegetable plants do well when seeded indoors. For those that do, follow these steps to get an advance start on the summer gardening season:

GATHER SUPPLIES: Including seeds, growing trays, and soil

GET PLANTING: Plant seeds according to instructions on seed packets.

MONITOR WATER, LIGHT, AND TEMPERATURE: Keep sprouting seeds in an optimal location.

THIN AND POT UP: Thin out growth, and transfer seedlings to larger container.

TRANSITION OUTSIDE: Gradually introduce plants to outdoor conditions before planting in outdoor gardens.

For more details about HOW TO START SEEDS and troubleshooting, see "How to Start Seeds" from Gardeners Supply Company.

Find ongoing inspiration and ideas by visiting our website often, which also includes details about our landscaping services, landscape design, garden center, photo galleries, and more.