A season of growth


Spring Landscaping Services

We're taking advantage of March's longer days and offering a variety of landscaping services now, including:

  • Irrigation audits

  • Compost tea applications

  • Landscape bed composting and mulching

  • Soil amendments

  • Landscape design

Find out more below, and call us today to schedule these spring landscaping services in addition to others to get your outdoor space ready for summer: (970) 926-5504.

Drought-Season Landscaping

As Vail-area skiers and riders are aware, this winter season got off to a slow start. The lack of early-season snowfall impacts Vail landscapes, too. It's important to know where we are currently-and what we can do to plan for the health of our landscapes in a drought season. This week's USDA SNOWTEL site at Vail Mountain is showing that we're at 66% of normal snow water equivalent.

While we still have a few weeks left of potential snowfall, we're thinking ahead and planning for drought mitigation this spring and summer. The spring landscaping services we've outlined in this newsletter are aimed at drought-season planning and include actions that help aid in water retention, water efficiency, and water-wise landscape design. Staying on top of watering is also important to help protect plants during the drought season, especially recently planted trees and shrubs. Give us a call if you have questions about specific aspects of drought management for your landscape: (970) 926-5504.


March is the time to assess your irrigation system, and irrigation audits are one of the landscaping services we're offering this month. Water efficiency is crucial this season, especially, since plants have been water-stressed due to the below-average snowfall this winter, so it's important to know if your irrigation system is working property or if it needs repairs before the heat of the summer season hits.

Fixing leaks, adjusting heads, and proper controller programming are all great steps to help make the most of your water. An irrigation audit can give you the details you need to do these things, or we can take care of them for you. An irrigation audit can also let you know if you need to upgrade the nozzles or heads on your system to newer components so that you can increase the efficiency of your irrigation system, which will be important for drought planning now and in the future.

Call us to schedule an irrigation audit today: (970) 926-5504.

Root Boost: Compost Tea Applications

Promoting healthy root growth is another way to help drought-proof your landscape, and we're offering root-boosting services that make use of actively aerated compost tea applications to stimulate the roots of your plants and trees. With our GeoTea Compost Tea Brewer, we can help give your landscape's roots a boost:

Compost tea? This organic treatment is very analogous to putting healthy microbes in your gut, but it's aimed at helping establish and restore healthy soil biology, which helps create physical and chemical properties that retain moisture, a critical component of maintaining plant health. In this way, our compost tea applications are especially helpful for current and long-term drought planning. Give us a call this month to schedule a compost tea application or to ask questions about how compost tea applications can help your landscape.

Find out more here in this article from The New York Times about how compost tea keeps the grass at Harvard green:

"The Grass is Greener at Harvard Yard"

"The organically grown grass on campus is now green from the microbes that feed the soil, eliminating the use of synthetic nitrogen, the base of most commercial fertilizers. No herbicides or pesticides are used, either. Roots reach eight inches into soil that was once so compacted the trees planted in it were dying."


We're currently available for scheduling landscaping services and for landscaping design consultation even though our farmhouse in Edwards remains closed for the winter season. Call us to schedule services, set up an appointment, or ask gardening and landscaping questions: (970) 926-5504.

Mark Your Calendars: We'll fully reopen on APRIL 2 for the Vail gardening and landscaping season, so plan to come by the Wildflower Farm farmhouse then and get inspired in this space that's stocked with garden supply, seeds, gifts, home décor, and fun finds.


-compost & mulch for planting beds-

Taking measures such as composting and mulching to increase the water retention of soil can help protect your landscape during a

drought season, and we're offering water retention solutions as a part of our spring landscaping services. Organic matter, or humus, holds more water than soil that lacks it. Soil amendments, including compost, help retain water while also providing optimal permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration, and structure.

Managing soil for proper organic matter is a long-term process, but the simplest way to begin is compost addition to lawn, gardens, and trees. Find out more here from the CSU Extension, "Choosing a Soil Amendment" and give us a call to schedule spring services that will help your landscape retain an optimal water level this summer: (970) 926-5504.

Water-Wise Landscape Design

We design water-wise landscapes, and we would love to work with you if you'd like to transform your outdoor space into an environmentally friendly oasis. Our team specializes in mountain-appropriate landscape design, and we stock a wide variety of low-water, xeric plants during the summer gardening and landscaping season that range from true alpine perennials to native plants and grasses.

Drought-tolerant landscapes need not be boring; call us if you'd like to have us design and build water-wise landscape for you this summer: (970) 926-5504.

Christmas Tree Light Recycling at Wildflower Farm

Beginning in mid-March, we'll have a rollaway recycling bin available at Wildflower Farm for Christmas tree light recycling in cooperation with Vail Honeywagon and Trinity Recycling. Gather up all old or unwanted holiday lights strands, and drop them off in our bin.

Maybe you've upgraded to LED lights or have a slew of tangled multi-colored lights you no longer use-or maybe you've just got way too many light strands stuffed in your storage area. We don't care whether they're broken, old, or outdated-but we do care about keeping holiday lights out of landfills. Join us in this effort by dropping off your light strands for recycling at Wildflower Farm, and give us a call if you have questions: (970) 926-5504.



Be mindful of watering landscapes at this time of the year, especially when there is a prolonged lapse between snowfall. Take a walk through your landscape and identify areas that might need watering, especially the most recently planted trees and shrubs. Water early in the day on sunny days that are projected to have above-freezing temperatures.

Find more tips about watering here from CSU Extension's PlantTalk Colorado: Fall and Winter Watering: During Drought"


Find inspiring photo galleries on our website here:


March is a great time to plan ahead and gather ideas for summer gardening and landscaping projects.

Check it out:

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