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Caring for Spring Blooming Bulbs

The spring is in full swing and your spring blooming bulbs are bursting with color. Great work, but your not finished yet! Follow this advice to care for blooming bulbs through the spring season so that they bloom both beautifully and bountifully again next year.

Trimming, Pruning and Cleaning up your Bulbs Remove fatigued flowers of large-flowered bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, at the first signs of fading. This will help the plant channel its energy into forming a substantial yield of large bulbs and offsets rather than into setting seeds. Allow smaller bulbs, like muscari and puschkinia, to set seed so that they self-sow and form ever larger drifts. Resist the temptation to remove bulb foliage while it is green. The green leaves nourish the bulb and next year’s flower Crocus, a type of spring blooming bulb buds, which form during summer. Let the foliage naturally go yellow. Cut or pull off leaves ONLY after they yellow. Avoid braiding the leaves to get them out of the way. Braiding reduces the amount of sunlight the leaves get and hinders growth. It is safe to mow the green leaves of crocuses and snowdrops naturalized in a lawn if you wait at least six weeks after blooming.

Fertilizing your Spring Blooming Bulbs Fox Farm Bulb Food FertilizerIt’s typically not necessary to fertilize spring-blooming bulbs, especially if you have average or rich soil. But if you do wish to feed your spring bulbs, feed them at planting time (in the fall) or just as they begin to emerge in spring. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer in early spring when the shoots emerge, and again after flowering to fuel foliage and bulb growth for next year’s flowers. You can also apply bulb booster, such as our Fox Farm Happy Frog® Bulb Food to plantings in fall. There you have it, follow these simple guidelines for caring for your spring blooming bulbs and you will be able to enjoy bountiful and beautiful bulb blooms for years to come! If you have any questions about planting bulbs, or just need a refresher please don’t hesitate to refer to, Tips for Planting Tulips & Bulbs.


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